Questions at interview

What is your second favourite reptile? Ralph age 9 This is my favourite question this year, but they won’t ask you this sort of thing at interview! If you are practicing your interview technique, set it up on zoom, and record it. Get someone to choose the number of questions in the titles (5-6 inContinue reading “Questions at interview”

Questions about induction, employment and supply.

Thanks to everyone who came along to the first #nqtsw session on the 2nd September. We talked about the stages needed to progressing your application to interview to getting a job and how difficult it is to get a good idea about what the school is like in that process. It might look brillinat rightContinue reading “Questions about induction, employment and supply.”

MFL – Meeting the standards

Meeting the Teachers’ Standards – MFL  Standard 1 Watch this video clip from Teachers’ TV about raising expectations. Make notes about the key strategies used.  Read the blog post below and make a list of 8-10 key ‘take aways’ Read the 2018 Sutton Trust report ‘Potential for success’ and write a 600-word summary of the main pointsContinue reading “MFL – Meeting the standards”

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